Thursday, December 6, 2012

Introduction to Anne Sexton

Anne Sexton was born in in Newton, Massachusetts, in 1928 and married Alfred Muller Sexton II at age nineteen. Later she moved to both San Francisco and Baltimore were she par took in modeling courses. After the birth of her first daughter Anne was diagnosed with sever postpartum depression, suffered her first mental breakdown, and was admitted to a neuro psychiatric. Anne developed a writing for poetry when she was in high school and her doctor told her that she should pursue her interest for writing again. In 1957 she decided to join a adult education poetry workshop in Boston, this where her poetry started become the center of her life, and started to gain her a mass amount of attention. Where Sextons fame began to peak was after the publishing of "Love Poems," where her voice began to become more critical and less confessional. Anne Sexton wrote fifteen poems before she later committed suicide in 1974 by using carbon monoxide from her car as poison .

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